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Haji Ali Juice center located at Mahalaxmi , is a famous Mumbai eatout joint. Its mainly known for its wide variety of fresh fruit juices & fruit creams. This juice center is easily discernible by the huge number of cars apparently parked on the side of the circle. People mostly flock around in the evenings at the Worli seaface and this place is a hotspot for their evening snack.

The center serve a wide variety of fresh fruit shakes and juices. It looks pretty hygienic though being a roadside food joint. The fresh fruit creams also look tempting but I personally didn’t like the flavor much. I felt the cream was a little sour and not fresh, that could be because they prepare it beforehand and freeze it.

Falooda’s looked yum and is a  must try in the hot summers.

But the center has priced all its delicacies way too high. For a bowl of fresh cream with badam you will pay a handsome 160 bucks, which I personally felt was too much. Also mixed juice costed 130 per glass… Oooppssss!! way too high. We ended up paying Rs420 for 2 glass of juice and one bowl of fresh cream… I somehow did not find it worth spending ………


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