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Being Human

Live for today, for tomorrow is not yet known.



Dream a little, cos’ dreams make life worth living.



Make a wish, someone might just hear you.



Believe in yourself, believe that you are made for greatness.



Make some mistakes, for you have yet to learn.



Learn to forgive, become the greater person.



Inspire others, for they might be on their last shreds of hope.



Make some friends, you will need them in your life.



Show some kindness, your actions do unto you.



Care for others, cos’ caring makes you human.



Make others smile, their smiles are unspoken blessings.



Show some love, love is all that you live for.




Be a Human, because that’s what you have been born for.



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Good Morning !!

  The course of our lives is determined by how we react–what we decide and what we do–at the darkest of times. The nature of that response determines a person’s true worth and greatness.

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I am at such a stage of my life when I feel myself to be stuck in a labyrinth….

I somehow have no way out…. am aimless…

keep pondering for long.. for what i should do…

can not even figure out what my interest is…

this Software job is kinda becoming too monotonous and boring…

I see people working hard for attaining a respectful position, running after salary hikes… slogging day and night, but may be somewhere they are satisfied. But I just can not figure out what i need or want.. huh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

May be I am looking for something which can give me immense pleasure and satisfaction.

If i think hard, when was the last time i was very happy….???

Still thinking…

yeahh!!! when i made a beautiful New year Calender for my family…..

 somehow it seems I am just living each day as it is coming.. just for the sake of living.

Why can’t it happen that each day I do something that really excites me so that when i go to sleep , I have that satisfaction of living my day to the fullest.

i think Iam thinking too much and doing nothing…..

but where is that motivation to do something I like…. or shud I be self motivated??????

I need to figure out first what I want to do…

May be…

A trek to some near by hilly area …Xciting!!!

a nice painting or articraft …. I shud love this

or some cultural event or activity for Orphanage kids .. hmm kewl!!

Cooking.. new non veg recipes…. Yummyy!!!!!!!!!!!

sports… too gud stress buster

Session on Interior decoration


oh God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so many……

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