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Being Human

Live for today, for tomorrow is not yet known.



Dream a little, cos’ dreams make life worth living.



Make a wish, someone might just hear you.



Believe in yourself, believe that you are made for greatness.



Make some mistakes, for you have yet to learn.



Learn to forgive, become the greater person.



Inspire others, for they might be on their last shreds of hope.



Make some friends, you will need them in your life.



Show some kindness, your actions do unto you.



Care for others, cos’ caring makes you human.



Make others smile, their smiles are unspoken blessings.



Show some love, love is all that you live for.




Be a Human, because that’s what you have been born for.



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Good Morning !!!

A beam of light entering my room as divine light of hope… what a lovely start of the day …
Good Morning to All

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Image Courtesy : The Decorista

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