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This is a quick recipe that can be easily made when you are in hurry and you have left over idli’s from previous night in your refrigerator. I am very fond of idli’s (steamed lentil and rice cake .. 🙂 ) . They are light to eat and yet very filling and nutritious.

Ingredients :

1. Idli’s

2. Carrot – sliced in julians

3. Bell Pepper (red / yellow / green ) – sliced .

4. Tomatoes

5. Onions – sliced

6. Green & Red chillies – split and sliced

7. Curry leaves

8. Coriander and Lemon for garnishing

Method :

All oil to pan . Once heated put in a few mustard seeds to crackle. Add onions and chillies and saute for half a minute. Add in rest of the vegetable. Add salt as per your taste, red chilli powder and lid the pan to cook for 2-3 mins. Add the idli’s (cut them in 4-6 piece each) and gently mix it all. Let it saute for about a minute or two. Garnish with coriander leaves and squeeze half a lemon in it.

Your dish is ready to eat. Wollaahh !!!




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A day without a cup of tea is a day wasted. I can not imagine my mornings without a hot cup of steaming ginger tea.


I feel active and fresh after every sip . My recipe for a perfect tea would be

1 cup water
1 cup milk
Grated ginger as per your taste
2 teaspoon sugar
2 teaspoon tea

Boil the water with sugar, tea and ginger. Add the milk and brew for 2 mins.

Perfectos.. That is it…

I also add elaichi (cardamon) to it at times .. If I am in a mood to have a special masala chai…

Going to make my cup of tea now, you guys enjoy yours..

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Summer’s are here…. It’ s the time of the year when you try to keep away from the scorching heat and humid climate.  Once back from workplace, or kids from school and college, the immediate requirement is for a cool drink that will quench the thirst and also refresh your body and soul .

At my place , we normally go for lemonade or fruit crushes. These are quick and easy to make and are easily available.We try to avoid soda drinks as they are not very healthy.

There is lot that can be done with the fruit crushes available in market . One can make their own moctails for their families and can even impress and treat their guests.

This post is dedicated for all the yummy coolers that we can try this season. Let’s share some great recipes to relish upon…

Inviting all the entries from all you lovely people…..

Happy Summers !!!!!

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My Evening Tea

I came back early from office yesterday and I was so happy… Felt so relaxed after a long time… Its been months that I had come back from office by 6:00 pm.. So yesterday was  blissful… I had so much time for myself, I read magazine, watched TV, blogged, played online.. wow!!!!!!!!!!

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Tea Time ….

Morning Bliss

A hot cup of tea on a bright morning does wonders to me… The aroma of fresh ginger, and that perfect blend of tea with milk… One single sip rejuvenates me to the core… My day starts with a full cuppa… and i prefer to have tea after nearly every 3 hrs.. It keeps me active throughout the day!!!!! ..

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