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This is a quick recipe that can be easily made when you are in hurry and you have left over idli’s from previous night in your refrigerator. I am very fond of idli’s (steamed lentil and rice cake .. ūüôā ) . They are light to eat and yet very filling and nutritious.

Ingredients :

1. Idli’s

2. Carrot – sliced in julians

3. Bell Pepper (red / yellow / green ) – sliced .

4. Tomatoes

5. Onions – sliced

6. Green & Red chillies – split and sliced

7. Curry leaves

8. Coriander and Lemon for garnishing

Method :

All oil to pan . Once heated put in a few mustard seeds to crackle. Add onions and chillies and saute for half a minute. Add in rest of the vegetable. Add salt as per your taste, red chilli powder and lid the pan to cook for 2-3 mins. Add the idli’s (cut them in 4-6 piece each) and gently mix it all. Let it saute for about a minute or two. Garnish with coriander leaves and squeeze half a lemon in it.

Your dish is ready to eat. Wollaahh !!!




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Since Christmas is  just round the corner, here is another event as a part of our year end celebrations. The Cake baking contest is ON and I am eagerly waiting for your entries.

The guidelines are :

1. Theme : Christmas Celebration

2.  One entry per participant

3. Entries should reach latest by 15th December 2011.

4. Non Bloggers can mail me their entries with step by step pictures at iidare2dream@gmail.com

5. Please protect your images by adding a watermark to your pictures.

6. Fellow Bloggers can link there entries below

Happy Baking guys.. Send in your entries and be a part of the festivity.

Ongoing Event :


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I have been on a sabbatical for quite some time now so was away from blogging sphere. On request of a dear friend I am back with a carnival that will last for the complete month of December. To start with , here I am with a Flower Decoration / Arrangement contest.

Contest Guidelines :

1. Theme : Celebration Of Colors

2. Maximum 2 entries per participant are accepted.

3. Fresh Flowers are to be used for decoration.

4. Do a post on your blog with steps for flower arrangement and take pictures at each step. Non bloggers can email me at iidare2dream@gmail.com

5. Entries should reach latest by 15th december 2011.

6. Please protect your  images by adding a watermark to your pictures.

7.  Fellow Bloggers can link there entries below.


Let’s enjoy the season and¬†share your entries .

Events Lined up :

Cake baking – 1st dec 2011 – 15th Dec 2011

Christmas Tree Decoration – 15th Dec – 31st Dec 2011

New Year Bash – Home Decor – 15th Dec 2011 – 31st Dec 2011

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Handbags have gradually become fashion symbols and no woman likes to go out without one. ‚ÄúThe bigger, the better‚ÄĚ is the style mantra for handbags this season ‚ÄĒ structured bags to oversized clutches, totes and long-handled bags with chains and buckles to animal skin ‚ÄĒ here are some popular emerging trends.










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Evolve As A Woman

I was just wondering how meaningful my life has been till date.. How over the years I have evolved as a woman …

I was the second child of my parents .

We are 3 sisters and mom dad gave us the best upbringing and motivated us to be  independent and a responsible citizen.

My school days were awesome, loads of fun and play.. I was into sports and enoyed every bit of it…..

College was even more fun…. Studies, extra curricular activities¬†and fun with friends… those were awesome 4 years…¬†

Passed out from college and joined this IT Firm , made new friends and started a new phase of life where I was completely on my own, independent and ready to face the world.

After few years parents felt that it was age to look for a life partner and¬†I was married to the most wonderful person on the earth….. This was the second important phase of life.. To accept a new person in your life, understand him, work on your compatibility , love him , respect him , take care of him….¬†it all helped in evolving¬†more as a woman

Marriage teaches you a lot new things.. You learn to be patient , you learn to put your partner’s happiness and comforts before yours… and millions of other things…¬† (There can be a seperate post on what new things a female learn post marriage.. lolz¬†)

This is a point where I am today … I feel I have spent half my life … Now there are 3 more important phase that are yet to cme… Motherhood , Work At Home Mom and Old age…¬†


I have no clue how i will flair in them , but hopefully these will be as interesting as my life has been so far…….¬†¬†

Enjoy WomanHood !!!!!!!!

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Recipe :

1 Full Ripe Mango

1 tablespoon sugar

2 scoops Vanilla ice cream

Milk (as per the consistency)

Crushed ice

Method : Blend all the ingredients except milk to make a thick smoothy. Adjust the consistency as per your desire by adding milk.

Voilla Mango Smoothie is ready in just no time…

Enjoy the drink

Happy Summers!!

Linking the post to the Food Events.

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Good Morning !!

1. Veggy Omlette

2. Toast Butter

3. Black Grapes

4. Ginger Tea

A  quick wholesome breakfast when rushing to office

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