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This happens with me all the time.I fail to curb my desire to purchase stuff when I actually don’t need them. I pondered over and came with this symptoms list which actually warns you whether or not you are a Shopaholic . Have a look .


1. extensive use of credit card
2. Standing in front of your wardrobe realising you still do not have anything to wear when you have actually purchased a week back
3. Browsing online stores regularly for the latest stuff .
4. Purchasing stuff without actually knowing when to use them and feeling guilty later.
5. Shopping when frustrated , disappointed or angry .
6. Feeling the adrenaline rush seeing a new outfit / accessory / or any stuff of your liking.


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Evolve As A Woman

I was just wondering how meaningful my life has been till date.. How over the years I have evolved as a woman …

I was the second child of my parents .

We are 3 sisters and mom dad gave us the best upbringing and motivated us to be  independent and a responsible citizen.

My school days were awesome, loads of fun and play.. I was into sports and enoyed every bit of it…..

College was even more fun…. Studies, extra curricular activities and fun with friends… those were awesome 4 years… 

Passed out from college and joined this IT Firm , made new friends and started a new phase of life where I was completely on my own, independent and ready to face the world.

After few years parents felt that it was age to look for a life partner and I was married to the most wonderful person on the earth….. This was the second important phase of life.. To accept a new person in your life, understand him, work on your compatibility , love him , respect him , take care of him…. it all helped in evolving more as a woman

Marriage teaches you a lot new things.. You learn to be patient , you learn to put your partner’s happiness and comforts before yours… and millions of other things…  (There can be a seperate post on what new things a female learn post marriage.. lolz )

This is a point where I am today … I feel I have spent half my life … Now there are 3 more important phase that are yet to cme… Motherhood , Work At Home Mom and Old age… 


I have no clue how i will flair in them , but hopefully these will be as interesting as my life has been so far…….  

Enjoy WomanHood !!!!!!!!

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